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  • Welcome to Global Classroom

  • Global Classroom is supported by a broad base of research and the rigorous exploration of education systems worldwide.

  • Initiating a renaissance in Education

  • We nurture the ethic of "Compete with Yourself"

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Are you a GLOBAL SCHOOL yet?

Global Classroom

We at Global Classroom aim to bring metamorphosis in education required PAN World

We believe that the maximum learning can be achieved by children when they start competing with themselves.

This ethic can be best instilled in the formative years between 3 & 13 when the brain has the maximum flexibility to adopt & learn. We at Global Classroom aim to create a better, brighter, bigger, future for your children.

Global Classroom

Global Classroom Pvt. Ltd.

Compete with Yourself


"This has not only helped the children, but is has also been very helpful for the teachers. Results of Benchmark Assessments have helped us to plan and formulate our curriculum more effectively." Aarti Jadeja, Principal, Little Steps School, Bhuj, Gujarat.


Real Stories

"They are self-explanatory, the topics are made clear step-wise. This creates interest in the child and promotes self-study and competition with one self." Miles Bronson Public School, Guwahati, Assam

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Here’s an education that goes beyond promises to guarantee improvement.

When children become better partners in their learning, improvement is real and measurable.
Here's how Global Classroom ensures every child’s success:

  • In place of yearlong textbooks, children get 6-part child-centered perfection books. Each part is perfected before being tested and before next part is taken up.Result is improved learning.
  • In addition to activities, there is a 4-step Process of Perfection. The activities are mapped to every chapter and are easy to do by any teacher. Stepwise and visual guidelines for these are provided right at the beginning of every chapter so even parents who wish to repeat these at home. Result is improved learning.
  • In place of tests created by the teachers themselves, tests are provided by Global Classroom and mapped to every Perfection Book. Besides serving as 3rd party evaluation, these are scientifically designed to provide immediate on-going diagnostic feedback without the need for OMR Sheets or online data entry. This means increased transparency and objective information that helps improve standards. Children get personalized reports and personal development plans in all subjects six times a year. Result is improved learning.
  • Not just preparation for exams but preparation for life. The curriculum develops life skills

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We have three full fledged curriculum  (ME! MAXIM and VISION) that cover Playgroup to Class VIII for different economy levels.

separate program called Yes! I can is designed for the Core subjects so that schools can try out our approach to learning in one subject or even one grade level, witness the improvement and therefore, hopefully, subscribe to a more holistic whole.

We want to engage the schools with us at the level of pedagogy, processes, and student and teacher empowerment. There are some 200 schools using Global Classroom.

We invite your participation and urge you to explore Global Classroom education solutions for your school and to witness the improvement in your teachers’ creativity and in children’s learning and confidence.

Global Classroom