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Global Classroom Pvt. Ltd.

One day, all children will compete with themselves. In Global Classroom schools, they already do. Education today needs a metamorphosis. There is no doubt that education in the future will be different in significant ways from what it is today.

The new ethics of education needs to be 'Compete with Yourself', not 'Compete with Others'. When children compete with themselves, they progress more. Learning becomes joyful. Every child is empowered with the feeling, "Yes, I can!"

To shape a new future, we need to shape a new education. If we do not change the direction of education, we are likely to end up where we stand.

We invite you to partner with us to drive positive and meaningful change in education, so that every child excels in both human and academic terms and we create the circumstances for a better world for all.

TEAM UP WITH EXPERIENCE from a family of educators. Global Classroom and Nurture are supported by Dr Sunita Gandhi's first-hand study of education in 38-countries and family know-how. Dr. Gandhi’s family runs CMS, Lucknow, the world's largest school. CMS is a Guinness World Record holder, and recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, 2002. Read more

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