Academic Solutions

"The programme has added a new dimension to the teaching method, a new school balanced approach has replaced the existing old system."

Hemlata Dhakal, Euro School, Nepal

Are our children learning for life, not just exams?

Beyond 'books' to a 'rounded curriculum'

A curriculum that puts emphasis on process over product and outcome as every child's confidence

Global Classroom puts greatest
emphasis on progress of every

• Study materials are studentcentric
• Assessments are based on the
principle of 'Compete with
• Reports provide information by
which children can compete
with themselves
Global Classroom curriculum is
guided by vision and informed by
worldwide research and evidence.
This leads to greater progress.

• Progress is not assumed. It is
measured, documented and
• Schools collect their own
• Global Classroom guarantees
Global Classroom views education
as an integral whole. It, therefore,
works on transformation at all
levels: child, home and school.

• Children learn more and they
enjoy learning by themselves
• Parents become better
informed partners
• Teachers become more creative,
motivated and inspired
• Management is more satisfied
• Transformation is real and

Global Classroom Advantage:

1- Started by educators

2- Shaped in real classrooms

3- Guided by vision

4- Grounded in research and evidence


Do our children look forward to each new lesson?


Beyond 'method' to a 'Process of Perfection (POP)'

It's joyful and effective learning process focused on perfection before moving on to each new lesson


  • Helps understand the present level of a class
  • Generates interest
  • Improves thinking skills


  • Improves understanding by every child's active involvement in hands-on or kinesthetic activity
  • Teaches better the first time
  • Creates memorable and joyful moments


  • Instant feedback fixes any gaps in understanding
  • Ensures mastery through practice before writing
  • Speed up learning saves time
  • Eliminates the need for tuition


  • Use verbal, visual, kinesthetic or written processes to ensure mastery before moving on to each new concept

Global Classroom Advantage

  • Productive failure questions get children to think, apply and discover
  • Hands-on and kinesthetic learning makes lessons easier to understand and more joyful
  • Every child's participation ensures better understanding by all children
  • Instant feedback followed by immediate corrective action ensures that learning is time efficient and effective for all children
  • Teachers ensure mastery before moving on to the next chapter or concept


People who have succeeded more have competed with themselves.Competition with oneself creates greater excellence thancompetition with others. It creates an intrinsic desire to excel and todo well. Aiming for perfection becomes a habit.

Global Classroom

Beyond 'Compete with others' to 'Compete with yourself!

Assessment and feedback that forms, not just informs

  • Global's Compete with Yourself Assessments (CWYA) focus on improved learning, inspiration and empowerment of every child
  • Assessments provide on-going self-diagnosis and information that helps every child compete with himself / herself
  • Personal targets and development plans six times a year in every subject help every child progress more
  • Class reports and teacher strategies ensure more effective teaching
  • Management reports help take corrective action at the macro level

Global Classroom Advantage:

  • Taking assessments is a joyful process
  • Information gathered is used to target improvement of every child and class
  • CWYA provides reports make children and parents better informed partners
  • Self-analysis leads children to plan better and study smarter, to set personal goals and manage time more effectively
  • CWYA Class Reports help teachers pin point exact areas of need and to teach more effectively
  • Provides direction for everyone's efforts including school management


"The Global Me! curriculum/programme has opened new ways of learning and that has been showing in our students' results."

Shikhar Srivastava
Director, Radiant International School for Excellence, India

Are our interventions based on 'hunches' or informed by research and evidence?

Beyond 'Pieces' to a 'Complete curricula'

Choice of three complete curricula for Playgroup to Class VIII

Global Me, Global Maxim and Global Vision address the education needs of all children at three economy levels. No other books, assessments, reports and teacher training are required when schools opt for any of these three.

Global Classroom Advantage

  • A process of discovery builds a sense of wonder
  • Engagement of every child in every activity creates active minds and critical thinkers
  • Self-learning methods ensure children become lifelong learners and acquire the skill to learn by themselves
  • Children develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • Children learn to appreciate and create beauty and deal with the unknown
  • A year's textbook is divided into six parts, each focused on mastery. Children carry just one part in six at a time, making the school bag much lighter
  • Six part books also engage a child's psychology differently. They learn more in less time
  • Reaching for perfection becomes a satisfying activity that creates intrinsic motivation

Do our children look forward to studying from the textbooks we currently have?

Beyond 'Teacher-centric' books to 'Student-centric' study solutions

Effective study solutions in the most important core subjects for Classes I to VIII

Yes! I Can are optional study solutions in the core subjects for Classes I to VIII. They replace typical textbooks in schools. These accelerate learning by using innovative techniques, assessments, classroom activity and training. These are truly rich subject solutions for every class.

Global Classroom Advantage

  • Opportunity to upgrade in a subject or more without commiting to a Complete Curriculum
  • Effective in improving performance of every child & class in selected subjects
  • Improvement is measured and documented
  • Improvement is guaranteed
  • Teachers become more creative and responsive to every child's needs
  • Processes and methods engage children more in activities, team work and leadership roles
  • Children enjoy learning more and learn more by themselves
  • Reduces teacher workload