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Compete with self, not others: Sunita Gandhi
TNN Jan 7, 2012, 03.42AM IST

NAGPUR: Many people only talk about changing the education system, but only a few like Sunita Gandhi have successfully experimented to implement changes in the system. The existing education system in India stresses more on competition with others, but she staunchly believes that the key to potential development is competition with oneself. While addressing the principals' conference at Vanamati on Friday, she spoke at length with her experiences experimentation in the school education field. The senior education adviser of City Montessori School in Lucknow, which holds a Guinness world record for highest pupil strength of 45,000 and 5,000 staff members, was in the city to inaugurate third Principal Educational Conference (PEC).

Chairman of Desh Gaurav Social and Educational Society Dinanath Dasture and convener Mrinalini Dasture shared the dais. Based on Sunita's visits to more than 35 countries for experiencing their education system, she has established Nurture International Welfare Society, a programme based on four building blocks of education: universal values, global understanding, excellence in all things and service to humanity. 'Sing your own song- a thought beyond curriculum,' Sunita said in the existing system creativity of children is suppressed by spoon-feeding them. She said, "Spoon-feeding with information is 19th century's idea of imparting education to meet the needs of industries, to find skilled, intelligent workforce to drive industrial revolution.

This system is outdated today, but still it is widely practised all over the world, even India." According to her, a broader and bolder education is the need of 21st century which should embrace creative and innovative work from children. The schools generally focus on what syllabus must be covered, but the chief guest suggested that giving impetus to outcome for which education is imparted is more important. "Outcome like developing good character and performing good work must be preferred than budding talent of smart work," she said.