"No school can outperform the quality of its teachers."

Andreas Schleicher, Head PISA


Are our teachers reaching out to every child? Does the training we give our teachers 'stick'?

Beyond 'training' to 'transformation'

Teacher training leads to innovation, inspiration and empowerment

  • Visual and step-wise activities are simple enough that even children can lead
  • Activities are presented at the beginning of every chapter
  • Bulk quantity of affordable materials ensure every child's involvement in every activity
  • Teachers become more creative with the use of Global's Process of Perfection
  • Positive expectations and languages play an important role in student success
  • Teacher planners and supplementary materials help increase teacher effectiveness

Global Classroom Advantage

  • Teachers become facilitators of learning
  • Teacher creativity explodes
  • Activities on teacher pages inside student's textbooks create transparency and greater accountability
  • Parents conduct many of the same activities at home since activities are provided inside the pages of their children's textbooks